9 Incredibly Inspirational Kitchens

Kitchens have so much room for variation in design and layout, which makes them endlessly interesting to us kitchen lovers. We have put together a collection of beautiful kitchens that will make you whine with envy – or maybe that’s just us. At the very least these inspirational kitchens will provide great eye candy.



Tons of natural light, clean white drawers and cabinets, a beautiful black slate topped island that contrasts with it’s seamless white ceramic sink… What’s not to love about this inspirational kitchen? The green accents added by the plants contribute a lot to the fresh, clean vibe of the room.


The abundance of wood used in this beautiful kitchen was pulled off with style – the light wood drawers and cabinets bring a welcome warmth to the cooler white granite and dark grey concrete countertops, and the stainless steel appliances. It’s tempting to liken the balance of this kitchen to yin and yang. The layout of the bar and counter area, with stools all around, makes this kitchen perfect for entertaining guests while preparing a meal.


Combining wood features with natural and dark stains adds a lot of interest to the kitchen, making it feel very earthy. At the same time, the addition of some white countertops with stainless steel appliances brings a modern touch that makes this kitchen truly elegant.


This inspiring kitchen is like a breath of fresh air, with so many light but natural tones. The abundance of light colors seems to work so well because of the variation in shades on different surfaces, and also because the whitewashed stone wall combines with the natural wood features to create a very earthy spring or summertime look. As always, adding a bit of plant life, flowers in this case, adds a really nice touch to a room.


Wow. This kitchen is so bold with all the black tiles for the backsplash wall, and the black countertops. The natural stain on the wood drawers really pops against the dark. Speaking of the drawers, this kitchen really packs in a lot of drawers and cabinets in a relatively small space, adding to it’s appeal.


A sort of Scandinavian country / modern style kitchen, with natural lumber used for open shelving above the sink. This style is both cozy and elegant when done properly, as it is here. The beautiful combination of natural rustic and and modern elements landed this inspirational kitchen a spot on this list. The white tile backsplash and, of course, the green plants are fantastic additions to this space.


For those of you who love the ornate styles, here is this gorgeous Spanish villa inspired kitchen, with granite countertops, light and dark stained carved wood cabinets, and a huge stainless gas stove. The red brick walls and crown moulding are an excellent fit for this kitchen. While most Spanish style kitchens have tiled floors, the stained wood floor in this case is certainly lovely.


Very Scandinavian modern, this bright kitchen inspires a clean and minimal style, while the natural wood of the open shelves brings a slight rustic element into the mix. The white cabinets contrast well with the black polished wood flooring, and the grey countertops add a neutral tone to the mix.


Probably the most unique and inspiration kitchen of all, this gem makes use of lots of unfinished wood for open shelves and drawers. The black slate island holds the seamless sink and gas stove top, while plants and fume hood hang from above. The kitchen’s back wall is one giant blackboard – great for recipes and lists – and the variety of plants bring a lot of vibrance to the room. We’ll go with dark rustic modern for this kitchen’s style.

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9 Incredibly Inspirational Kitchens