10 Sensational Staircases

Stairs seem to be a part of buildings that most people seldom think about, unless a staircase really stands out in some way. Each of the ten gorgeous staircases on this page is absolutely unique, and whether you’re looking for inspiration or simply want to view some unique stairs, these are sure to please!


wood-spiral-stairsThis nearly solid wood spiral staircase looks both solid / bulky and simple at the same time. It is such a beautifully elegant design that was begging to be included in this post. The natural look of these stairs could easily fit into a variety of interior styles.

yellow-spiral-staircaseCombination wood and metal spiral staircase, painted in a bright yellow with black trim railing. These stairs really pop against the white walls, making them the center of attention.

organic-wood-staircaseThese beautiful wooden stairs with organic curves were part of a residential project (Sensualscaping) by atmos studio. The white and natural wood offers a nice contrast, with a clean artistic appeal. Their intent was to create a seamless sculptural look – a goal they definitely achieved!

teal-ombre-staircaseIf it weren’t for the white-to-teal ombre painted onto this staircase, it would be nothing out of the ordinary. However, the gradient ads a lot of appeal and really brings to life an otherwise plain white space. This technique is something you can easily apply to a solid staircase of your own, with two buckets of paint: white and a color of your choice. Simply add a bit more white to the mix for each step.

les-haras-sinuous-wooden-stairsOn the verge of looking like part of a curvy construction site, this sinuous staircase is actually quite striking and inspired. These stairs are located in the Les Haras restaurant,  a space that was once the royal stables in Strasbourg. The heavy use of wood seems to be in character with the look of stables, but with a good hint of modernity.

narrow-wooden-spiral-staircaseThis gem of a spiral staircase is located in a corner against an inset bookshelf, in the of home of Peter Dundas, in Florence. The wooden spiral without a central pole has a combination of natural stained wood and a slate-like color for the steps, which matches the the decor and wood floors.

spiral-petal-stairsA staircase design with steps like leaves, or petals, radiating from a central stem, growing in size toward the base. The varying sizes in the steps is reminiscent of a vine, with older, larger leaves near the base.

patially-enclosed-white-spiral-stairsBeautiful, tall white concrete stairs with dark texture, spiraled in a nearly enclosed vertical space. The backlighting on the wood structure behind the stairs gives off a cozy glow, and the white really stands out against all the wood walls in the room.

multi-level-spiral-staircase-stone-wallsSomewhere between curved and spiral staircases, these span multiple levels with grey layers stone walls. The staggered lights that hand down the center of the stairs, as well as the sconces on the wall, are a nice touch. The black metal steps and railing with the grey stone creates a bit of a cold feel, but it’s elegant.

stairs-ministry-of-foreign-affairs-brasilia-oscar-niemeyerProbably not a design you’re likely to find in any home that’s shy of enormous, this staircase is still inspiring. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, these blue and beige stairs are located inside the Itamaraty Palace, Brazil. Oscar is attracted to the natural beauty of curves, not the straight lines and angles used so often in architecture – something that’s quite evident in his beautiful designs.


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10 Sensational Staircases