Unique Ways to Display Art

Artwork is a creative element of your home, so why not get creative in how you display it? There are plenty of alternatives to simply hanging a photo or painting in the usual spots, in a typical manner — here are eleven ways to display photos and artwork around your living space.


long-art-ledge-on-wallAdd a long art ledge to a hallway for multiple art pieces or photos. Don’t be afraid to create a bit of overlap for this display.

art-ledge-in-white-bedroomUse an existing ledge or add a new one along the wall behind the head of your bed. Exhibit art and photos of alternating sizes (smaller and larger), and include just a few small decorative pieces.

rows-of-similar-imagesFor a collection of similar images or photos, place them in an array on one wall. You can hang them, but displaying them on rows of ledges makes it easier to go frameless, for a clean and lightweight look.

bw-photos-in-frames-with-color-mattingPlace a collection of black and white photos in frames, each with a different color matting. This method of displaying photos is great if you want to add splashes of color to one area of your home.

black-framed-images-on-three-ledgesA lot like the array of similar images, only messier. Display various photos and art pieces on a few rows of art ledges, and be sure to overlap them for a layered effect.

multiple-art-pieces-one-frameTry hanging multiple small art pieces or photos within one large empty frame without backing or glass.

colorful-painting-behind-head-of-bed-on-floorHang or stand a large painting behind the head of your mattress without a headboard. This creates an art display that will resemble a mix between a mural and an artistic headboard.

colorful-canvas-art-painting-on-console-tableInstead of hanging a painting over a console table, try simply placing it on the table and lean it against the wall. A simple change with a nice impact on presentation.

small-red-painting-front-of-large-paintingIf you have a large painting or other artwork, exhibit it with a contrasting smaller piece by placing the smaller in front of the larger one.

black-white-paintings-leaning-unhungArt doesn’t have to be hung on the wall or stood up on a table. Place a few pieces layered over each other on the floor, especially if at least one is a decent size.

painting-leaning-against-wall-bedroomLike the previous suggestion, you can lean one large painting against a wall near your bed, or create a similar presentation in another room.


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Unique Ways to Display Art